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High Power LED
LED Lamp
Super Flux LED
Light Pipe
Dot Matrix Display
7 Segments Display
Backlight Module
Ambient Light Sensor
IR Receiver Module
Infrared LED
Sillicon Photodiode
InGaAs Photodiode
Screw Model A Type LED

●High reliability LED package
●High Luminous intensity

●AlInGaP dice technology

●Available in full selection colors


VH 8 Series High Power LED

● Exterior and interior automotive illumination
● Commercial lighting
● Back lighting
● Traffic signaling
● Reading Light
●  Commercial outdoor advertising signs


●Black surface RGB PLCC 6 package for higher contrast
●High brightness and reliability performance are designed
●High brightness AlInGaP and InGaN chip technology
●Compatible with IR soldering process
●RoHS compliant

PLCC-4 Dome Package 50mA SMT LED

●High reliability LED package
●AlInGap and InGaN dice technologies
●Available in full selection of color
●30 and 60 degree viewing angle option
●High current driving under 50mA
●High optical efficiency

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